Why male athletes should wear jockstraps

Why male athletes should wear jockstraps

If you are a male who likes to participate in contact sports or other vigorous physical activities, you may want to consider wearing an underwear that can protect your genitals. This underwear is called a jockstrap, also known as a groin guard, a ball protector, or a backless brief. A jockstrap is a type of underwear that consists of a waistband and two elastic straps that secure a hard plastic cup over your testicles and penis, preventing them from being injured by impact or pressure. A jockstrap not only protects your genitals, but also has other benefits, which we will introduce below.

The history of jockstraps

The jockstrap was invented in 1874 by C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company, Sharp & Smith, to provide comfort and support for bicycle jockeys working on the cobblestone streets of Boston. The original jockstrap resembled a thong, as it had a strap that went between the buttocks. Later, the jockstrap was used to protect the testicles and penis in various intense sports, and also became a popular male underwear.

The benefits of jockstraps

Jockstraps have the following benefits:

  • Prevent genital injury. This is the main function and reason for the existence of jockstraps. The genitals are one of the most sensitive and fragile parts of the male body, and if they are subjected to strong impact or pressure during exercise, they may cause pain, bleeding, swelling, rupture or other serious consequences. Wearing a jockstrap can effectively cushion these external forces and protect the genitals from damage.
  • Provide support and stability. Jockstraps can keep the genitals close to the body, avoiding them from swinging or sagging during exercise. This can reduce friction and discomfort, and also prevent the genitals from being hooked or stuck by clothes or other objects. In addition, jockstraps can also increase the temperature of the genitals, which is beneficial for sperm production and survival.
  • Increase blood circulation and muscle recovery. Some types of jockstraps have compression effects, which can increase the blood flow around the genitals, promote oxygen and nutrient delivery, relieve fatigue and soreness, and speed up muscle tissue repair and recovery.
  • Improve confidence and charm. Jockstraps can shape a erect and firm lower body contour, making you more confident and attractive on the sports field or in the bedroom. Jockstraps also have various different design styles and fabrics, which can meet your different aesthetic and interest needs.

The selection of jockstraps

When you want to buy a jockstrap, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Size. You need to choose the size that suits you, not too tight or too loose. Too tight will affect blood circulation and breathing, too loose will lose support and protection. You can determine your size according to the product description or try-on.
  • Price. You need to choose the price that suits you according to your budget. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the quality and comfort. But not all expensive jockstraps are suitable for you, nor are all cheap jockstraps bad. You need to consider other factors to make a decision.
  • Type. You need to choose the type of jockstrap that you like. There are two basic types: supportive and compressive. Supportive jockstraps only have a waistband and two elastic straps, they are lighter and more ventilated, but do not provide compression effects; compressive jockstraps are similar to a pair of tight-fitting pants, they can provide compression effects and more protection areas, but are heavier and stuffier.
  • Comfort. You need to choose the jockstrap that you feel comfortable with. Comfort depends on many factors, such as fabric, stitching, elasticity, breathability, etc. You can judge whether a jockstrap is comfortable by touching, trying on or looking at reviews.


In summary, jockstrap is a very practical and beneficial male underwear that can protect your genitals from injury during exercise and also provide other benefits such as support, stability, compression, recovery etc. If you want to buy a jockstrap, you need to consider size, price, type and comfort etc., and make choices according to your own preferences and needs.

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