Why is pure cotton underwear healthier for men?

Men’s underwear is a close-fitting garment that directly contacts the genitals and perineum, and choosing the right underwear material has an important impact on men’s health. Generally speaking, pure cotton underwear is the most suitable for men to wear, for the following reasons:

  • Pure cotton underwear has good moisture absorption and breathability, which can effectively absorb sweat and oil secreted by the skin, keep the perineum dry and clean, reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi, prevent skin diseases and reproductive tract infections.
  • Pure cotton underwear has low skin irritation, soft and comfortable, and does not easily cause allergic, itchy, red and swollen reactions. Especially for men with sensitive skin or a history of skin diseases, it is more suitable.

  • Pure cotton underwear can maintain a suitable temperature and humidity, avoid overheating or overcooling of the perineum, and have a positive effect on the production and vitality of sperm. On the contrary, some synthetic underwear have poor thermal conductivity, which can cause the perineum temperature to rise, inhibit sperm production and activity, and affect men’s fertility.
  • Pure cotton underwear does not contain chemical synthetic substances, and will not release harmful substances or static fields, which will not damage the reproductive tissue. Some antibacterial underwear containing metal ions or other additives can kill bacteria, but they may also cause potential harm to the human body.

In summary, pure cotton underwear is healthier for men and is the best choice. Of course, not all pure cotton underwear are equally excellent. You also need to pay attention to choosing high-quality cotton, fine craftsmanship, suitable size and style. In addition, you should also change and wash your underwear regularly, maintain personal hygiene habits, in order to truly protect men’s health.

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