Clothing colour matching skills, menswear colour matching share

Clothing colour matching skills, menswear colour matching share

I believe there are many people who have bought clothes they like but don't know how they should match them. What colours look better with what colours? Here are a few colour matching tips to tell you.

Matching skills 1, the main colour, secondary colours and accent colours with

With, we generally have a main colour, is the most occupied colour in the clothes, will probably account for more than 60% of the whole body clothing area, auxiliary colour is with the main colour colour, is probably 40% of the whole body area, these two colours with a good, that's good, 5% to 15% of the colour is embellished colour, as long as men simply with a good main colour and auxiliary colour, and then add a little embellishment colour, that will also Very perfect, but this technique is mostly used in women, if men can be slightly appropriate use, that will bring a different effect.

Matching skills 2, warm and cool colours

If you like warm colours, that yellow, orange, orange and other clothing can be best and black, white or brown, coffee and camel, cold colours, such as blue, these colours can best choose some black, gray, try not to and coffee, camel with together, men should pay attention!

Matching skills 3, black, white and gray is the universal with the colour

Generally speaking, black, white and grey is very versatile with, even if it is a very complex colour combination, they can also be cleverly integrated into it, men's favorite suit black and white with is also very classic.

Matching skills 4, the colour of the upper and lower garments with

Deep on top and light underneath (top colour is dark, trousers are light): gives a serious, dignified, quiet and generous feeling

The upper shallow and the lower deep: give people a confident, lively, bright, cheerful feeling

If you want to accentuate the top: the trousers are darker than the top

If you want to accentuate the trousers: the colour of the top is darker than the trousers

Stripes should be avoided together with checks, if the top has a horizontal (vertical) pattern, then don't wear vertical (horizontal) striped trousers or check trousers

Don't mix tops and trousers together, otherwise it will look very messy. If the top has mixed colours, then the trousers can better wear solid colours, if the trousers wear mixed colours, then the top better not wear mixed colours.


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